instant noodle 3

Instant Noodles 3

In Japan, there is a word “Shoki barai”,is the custom of eating foods that cool the body’s heat in the hot summer.

It is not always cold foods like watermelon or shaved ice.

People in Southeast Asia eat more spicy food than cold food, right?
That’s because of the idea as same as Shoki barai.


Today, I introduce spicy instant yummy noodles.

Akuma no Asabaa


“Akuma” is a demon, and “Asabaa” is a Mapo( Mapo tofu) in Japanese.

Japanese often use the word “Demon’s” to describe foods that tastes so tasty that you can’t stop eating it, meaning that it is possessed by a demon…😱

There is also a recipe called “Akuma no Onigiri”.


This ramen has unique shape that the center of noodle is concave.

Putting a raw egg on here and Pour hot water around it, not boiling.

This is Mapo Eggplant, not Mabo Tofu, so there are some eggplant in it. I stopped eating this in the middle…Because it tasted too salty and spicy for meπŸ˜₯


Tonyu Tantan-men


“Tonyu” means soy milk( It’s pronounced “Tounyuu”, though) .Tantan-men is a very popular type of spicy ramen in Japan.
It is originally a Chinese ramen, but we improved it by adding Sansho (Japanese pepper) and mildly seasoning.


This has a milder and flavorful taste because the soup is made with soy milk.
I never thought soy milk and Tantan-men would go so well together😍

Topped it with fried onions, minced meat and mitsuba leaves.
This is as good as it gets at a ramen restaurant, so I think I do not need to stand in line at a ramen restaurant anymore.


Aka kara Ramen

akakara ramen

“Aka kara” means red and spicy. This ramen is made in Nagoya city and is not sold abroad.
It is a spicy miso ramen with red miso, which is unique food of Nagoya city.

akakara ramen

The noodles are the same as the others, but the soup is real red…looks spicy…😲

It isn’t as spicy as it looked, on the contrary, it was a spicy ramen that goes well with the red miso and spicy soup very much.

akakara ramen
akakara ramen

Tastefully spicy and rich flavor. It doesn’t look like instant ramen!
The noodles are crunchy and you can eat this even if you don’t have an appetite so much.
This is the real Shoki barai noodle!

Japanese spicy foods are not as spicy as the spicy ones in China or Southeast Asia, so even westerners can easily eat them.

That’s why Japanese ramen is so popular in other countries.
Next, I’ll introduce 3 most popular instant noodles in Japan😊

Bye now!

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