Canned Foods 2

There are many unique canned foods in Japan, there are local original canned foods also.

They were originally made as emergency foods, but nowadays most of them changed as snacks for Sake.

If these were emergency foods, I wouldn’t be able to stop drinking Sake…


Today, I introduce unique Japanese canned foods!

Negi saba


“Negi” means leeks and “Saba” is mackerel.
This food is a mackerel and leeks simmered miso pastes.


Miso paste works well with fish, because it remove on fishy.
I can’t stop drinking…

Serve it with leeks and grated ginger on the top and you’ll look like a good chef,right?

saba no misoni

Salmon's Nakabone


Japanese loves salmon also. There is a canned that is the salmon with only backbones in Japan.

As you know, T-bone steaks, the meat on the bone is delicious. This salmon’s backbone looks like T-bone steaks.


This texture is so crispy that kids like them. Little bit salty. So I do not need any seasonings. Japanese eat this with mayonnaise, though.

Kama age Shirasu


“Kama age” means just being cooked and not dried. “Shirasu” means whitebites. ( I already explained on another page)
We often eat them with grated daikon or kaisen-don(Seafood bowl). This is a specialty product of Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

There is an instruction on how to cook with shirasu.
But it’s only in Japanese,sorry.

This is expensive, but I can not distinguish the one sells in the supermarket.

The quality is not so difference that I think you’d better buying shirasu at the supermarket😑

I found some pretty interesting canned goods and will share them with you next time.

Bye now😊

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