Instant Noodles 2

There are many kinds of instant foods in Japan.  These linds are not only ramen.

instant ramen 2

Today, I introduce the classics and unique instant noodles.



This Instant ramen from a ramen resutautrant in Hokkaido”Ramen Santouka”.


This ramen restaurant is more overseas than in Japan. The noodle is as same as Homba Hokkaidou ramen…

This soup has a good balance between miso and soy sauce. Although it is light and good dashi-salty but not too tough.
It does not seem instant foods…unbelievable!


The noodles are also quite chewy. (This is more important for Japanese than the taste.)



“Seimen” means Exactly Noodle ,is a classic Japanese instant noodle loved by people all over Japan. It has Salt, Soy sauce and Miso tastes.


Noodles are crunchy and go down so easily. This means explaining is very difficult… we often says”Nodogoshi ga yoi”.

This soup is mild and lightly soy sause seasoned, so it’s the flavor that you won”t get tired of.


Sauce Yakisoba


“Yakisoba” means fried noodles. I’ve never eaten this kind of Yakisoba.
Because there are many chilled type cheap noodles in Japan.
This chilled type one is as good as Yakisoba in restaurants.
So, I guess this is for emergency foods.

It is written to boil in 220ml of hot water for 2.5 min and when the water is gone, add vegetable and meat with the sauce.

Worcestershire sauce flavor is good, but it was too oily not to eat only half.
The chilled version is better.


I did not eat much instant foods because my impression of instant foods are bad taste and bad for my health.

Especially in Japan, frozen foods and deli foods are cheap and tasty.

So, I wonder if why there is instant foods. I guess they must be emergency foods surely…But now I could understand it is a mistake.
Because they are hassle free but tasty.

Now I recommend buying instant foods as a souvenir of Japan.
You can eat authentic and delicious foods at home.

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