3 Gotouchi (ご当地) Instant Ramen You Must Try!

“Gotouchi (ご当地)” means “Local” in Japanese language. There are many types of instant foods in Japan. 

More than 100 types of instant foods are launched in Japan every year. I introduce three of the most yummy Gotouchi instant ramen, today!



This noodle is called “Hiyashi Chuka (冷やし中華)” . This hiyashi-chuka is typical food in summer. 
It is not soup noodle like a ramen. We eat this with sour soy sauce over the noodles.

Actually, this is written “Limited season”.

What is this?


This is before boiling, but boiling in 3 min, it looks like a restaurant’s one😲

The light blue bag is the vinegar and soy sauce to be poured over the noodles later.

How's taste?

When we eat this menu, we usually use  with shredded baked eggs, ham or kanikama(crab sticks) and Cucumber. Finally, We always sprinkle white sesame seeds.

There is nothing better than eating Hiyashi chuka in summer!

Homba Hokkaido Ramen (本場北海道ラーメン)

Homba Hokkaidou Ramen

”Homba (本場)” means genuine.

Hokkaido is the northernmost part of Japan and is famous for its delicious foods.
Recently, it has been popular with Australians and Taiwanese. Many rich people of them have vacation homes there.

By the way, I like Russian people, but the Kuril Islands are a Japanese island.

Japan is long archipelago from north side ,Hokkaido to south side, Okinawa.
Almost same distance is from LON to ATH / NYC – DAL / Singapore – Manilla.

Japan does not have a time difference, but it is different 1hour or so in fact. (By the way, Japanese area is wider than Germany.)

What is this ?

Homba Hokkaidou Ramen

So, this ramen is a miso ramen from Sapporo city in *Hokkaido.

*The correct pronunciation of Hokkaido is “hot/ka/i/do/u” and it is 5 syllables.

How's taste?

Homba Hokkaidou Ramen

The noodles are chewy and the soup is so flavorful, it doesn’t seem instant ramen!

If you want to open a Japanese ramen restaurant in your country on a low budget, I advise you to buy and serve this ramen!

Kyo kamo dashi ramen (京鴨出汁ラーメン)

Kyoto kamo dasi ramen

“Kyo” is stands for Kyoto is famous for duck. “Kamo dashi(鴨出汁)” is a soup stock of duck not chicken.

What is this ?

Kyoto kamo dasi ramen

But the noodles are the same as above Hokkaido’s one…😑 green pack is a soup.  

How's taste?


It’s rich flavour, but not oily. Some people say I don’t like kamo dashi because it’s greasy, but this is different.

The light duck broth is an entirely new taste!

Today I introduced instant noodles that can only be enjoyed in Japan.
If you’re ever in Japan, be sure to pick some up as souvenirs for your friends and family!

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