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There are many types of instant food in Japan. These are including cup foods, frozen foods, refrigerated foods, retort curries, and this instant noodles.

These instant noodles were invented by Japanese to be cheap, tasty and easy and store for a long time.

As a result, there are countless varieties and flavors in Japan.


Today I introduce 3 instant noodles not in overseas.

Raou Hiya chu


This noodle is called as “Hiyashi Chuka” and we usually eat in only summer.
It is not soup noodle like a ramen, sour sauce over the noodles.


This is before boiling, but boiling in 3 min, it looks like a restaurant’s one😲

We eat it with sliced baked eggs, ham or kanikama and cucumbers.

There is nothing better than eating Hiyashi chuka in summer!

Homba Hokkaido Ramen

Homba Hokkaidou Ramen

”Homba” means genuine.

Hokkaido is the northernmost part of Japan and is famous for its delicious foods.
Recently, it has been popular with Australians and Taiwanese. Many rich people of them have vacation homes there.

Japan is long archipelago from north side ,Hokkaido to south side, Okinawa.
Almost same distance is London – Berlin.
Japan does not have a time difference, but it is so far away in fact, that it could be 1hour or so.

Homba Hokkaidou Ramen

So, this ramen is a miso ramen from Sapporo, Hokkaido.

The noodles are chewy and the soup is so flavorful, it doesn’t even look like instant ramen!

Homba Hokkaidou Ramen

Kyo kamo dashi ramen

Kyoto kamo dasi ramen

“Kyo” is stands for KYOTO. “Kamo dashi” is a soup stock of duck.
Kyoto is famous for the production of duck.

Kyoto kamo dasi ramen

But the noodles are the same as in Hokkaido…😑The soup is the essence of Ramen though.

It’s rich, but not oily. Some people say I don’t like kamo dashi because it’s greasy, but this is different.

The light duck broth is an entirely new taste.


Although, I’m doing a lot of maintaining things right now, I have a lot of weird English sentences, sorry😢

The Japanese grammar is very different from other languages, so it’s hard to translate them into English. I’m also making videos .

I will be posting them on Youtube after finished editing them.

In this near future, see you!

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