retort curry 2

Retort Curry 2

The curry is very much loved from adults to children in Japan.

We have many kinds of instant curries also.

Today I introduce instant curries that only Japanese know. (Because, there are not overseas.)

Bon curry

bon curry

This curry has been loved by Japanese for over 50 years. The package design is as same as the signboard from 50 years ago. This is named from french”Bon”.

It’s been a long time since I ate it and I got it why this is loved by people of all ages. 

bon curry

This curry has a special specification that the bag can heat in the microwave directly.

Standing the lid of box up and let the steam escape to the top. (All the other instant curries need move it to another plate and warm with the rice.)

It has many ingredients and little spiciness. You may not get tired of the taste. I recommend you this is the first instant curry you should try.

bon curry

Hakodate curry

hakodate curry

This curry is maden in Hakodate 140 years ago by the first president of the restaurant after learning Russian cooking and baking in Russia.

Hakodate is in Hokkaido, where five brave French men fought with samurais.(They are model of “The Last Samurai” Tom cruise in the movie)

The taste is a little bit oily, but good-spicy. Many big ingredients better than I thought!
This looks like a soup curry in Sapporo.

hakodate curry

Marugoto yasai curry

Marugoto yasai curry

This has a lot of vegetables in it, baby corn, some pumpkin and potatoes. It’s only 120 calories.

yokosuka curry

Different from the previous vegetable curry, this one tastes better. The rice is a little red because I used five-grain rice.

Yokosuka curry

yokosuka curry

There are the U.S. Navy and Japanese military base in Yokosuka, kanagawa prefecture next Tokyo.

Yokosuka Maritime Self-Defense Force is famous for tasty meals, so that they have published some recipe books.

yokosuka navy

The curry is especially tasty and they have their own recipe, called “Yokosuka Navy Curry”.

On the other hand, called MRE, the meal of the U.S. Navy, is famous for horrible meals.

MRE has many dishonorable other name “Meals Rejected by the Enemy”,”Meals Rejected by Everyone”,”Materials Resembling Edibles” and so on🤣🤣🤣

I have heard if meals were tasty, they can finish to eat up quickly, so that meals were changed terrible purposely. Is that true?

If I were them, I can not keep a motivation of guard of my country.

It was sweet curry at first, but the more I ate, the spicier. 
The vegetables are fine and plentiful.

yokosuka curry

I will show you Japanese Navy curry recipe in near future!😊

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