In Japan, a pub is called an Izakaya.
Haven’t you been to there yet?
New Yorkers call Izakaya not Japanese pub.
I guess Sakagura on 43rd is the best in U.S.A!

Today, I talk about real Izakaya in Japan.

Oshibori & Water


In Japanese Izakaya, They always serve free a wet towel,( calls as “Oshibori” or “Otefuki”) and a glass of water or green tea before you order.

Then they will serve some small appetizer, called “Otoushi”.
But, this appetizer is not free.This is like as table charge.

You can refuse it, but very uncouth.
(If you refuse them, the service will not be worse) 

The bill is often cash only even in Tokyo. You should check they accept credit cards or not before you go in.

We usually pay at the table. Japanese never cheat you.

No English


Almost all Japanese do not speak English! This is very famous… Even though we have learned English more than 10 years in compulsory education!😣

There is no English menu even in Tokyo. So that it may be hard to go to Izakaya alone, if you do not have any Japanese friends.

But, this is no problem!


 I recommend you ask the same foods next to you. Then point👉 to the plate and say “Are”. (“Are” means that)
This pronunciation is “a”,” re” not “ɑːr”

I often do that when I travel alone. I don’t speak Russian or Chinese, but I was used be OK😉

Town I recommend in Tokyo


If you want to go to Izakaya in Tokyo, I special recommend you to go to Shinjuku, Shimbashi or Ebisu.


The town in Shinjuku, Golden-Gai and 2nd district (except for Kabuki-cho. This is main colona district! Never go there!!) are plenty of Izakaya!

Indeed, 2nd district is famous as gay district. Japanese gays are very friendly. because they are smart and interesting! We call them “One-e” instead of “gay”. We love them😄 Of course, there are gay women bars, too. But not so much.


Shimbashi is next to Ginza and has a great garden, Hamarikyu Onshi Park. 

In addition, there are many small Sake bar like Kaku-uchi, Ko ryouri-ya (I explains as follows) and Izakaya.
Ginza is good but too expensive!😣



Ebisu is the next to Shibuya. There are many foreigners living here, so there are many English-speaking Izakaya.There are many sophisticated restaurants like a Robuchon.



There are Sake pubs also that mainly serve Sake, standing style, Japanese calls these style pubs as “Kaku-uchi”.

People drink for short hour after working, then go home.

Ko ryouri-ya

There are small sake bar with sophisticated and run by a woman called “Okami-san”.
These small bars are also called “Ko ryouri-ya”.

There are many Ko ryouri-ya in Shimbashi. Here is the place true-sake-lovers gather, so if you would like to try rare Sake and delicious foods with little money, I special recommend you Shimbashi. Shimbashi means “Pont Neuf(New bridge)” in French!

However, I guess they do not speak English at all.

FYI:Picking up gals


There are many clubs in Shibuya and Roppongi that are full of foreigners. These place are for pick up artists! bravo!!😁

If you would like to pick up girls, that cities are good place…Well,I guess Japanese gals are very easy though.


Oh, you should bring any rubbers like contraceptives… because, never your size in Japan.
Well, it’s none of my business. Hahaha

(But Japanese rubber is the best. You can use them again and again after washing! My some friends told me! That’s true!!)

Bottakuri bar


“Bottakuri” means rip-off.

Asians who talks to you in English are as a con man Chinese pretends to be Japanese.
Especially, the corona main town, Kabuki-cho is famous Bottakuri town in Shinjuku.

If you follow on them, they will take you to a rip-off.

I have read a article in news paper that English 5 guys are cheated by them.
But polices already caught criminals, though.

Japanese usually never talk to foreigners because we can not speak English at all. Unless you can speak Japanese little bit.

Anyway, I hope you have a fun Izakaya time in Tokyo.


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