In Japan, when we saw someone was beaten up terribly, we say “You look like a potato”, but our neighbour country, Korean says “like a flounder”.
Expression is different from each country.


Today, I’d like to introduce a metaphor through foods in Japan and the world.



”The goose and the golden egg” is a well-known story from Aesop’s fables.
From this story, the word “Egg” has become a metaphor in Japan for a person who is immature but has high potential.

“egg” has not yet become a chick even,So eggs have come to mean people in training or studying.


For example, we say person like above person as “egg of doctor”.

The inexperienced are called ”Hiyokko”(chick).

It is used not only for people, but also for things.
For example, we say “Typhoon egg” . This means  a typhoon that has just emerged.

typhoon egg

However, a full-skilled person is never called a chicken!

Packed like oil sardines

packed sushi

Western country people often call Tokyo’s train in the morning, are like oil sardines.

We call such a condition “Packed like Sushi”.
Very Japanese expression!



An expression of nonsense things are as follows.

Japanese calls tiny fishes as “Zako” .
German calls “cheese”.
English calls “nuts”.



The Japanese call it “Pumpkin in bank” means plain.  (This word is BUSU for woman and BUSAIKU for guys, also…never say these words😣). It is also often expressed in dango, dumpling.
A big and round nose is teased “dumpling nose” .

In Korea, it’s a pumpkin.
USA people often use a dog. 
Chinese calls a cow woman.
Russian calls as a killer bee.



The expression of stupid is expressed by vegetables or animals in every country.

In Japan, it’s “Boke-nasu” and “Otanko-nasu” . “Nasu” means eggplant.

Italy is cabbage or pumpkin.
Russia calls a goat.
Arabs say donkey.
USA calls pumpkin or potatoes.
Spain calls a sea bream! Why?



I’ve heard that green color means poison in western countries.
Asian never think so because, green looks like green tea.

So when we see green drink in foreign games, We are misunderstanding poison as a green tea, so we drink because we got that green tea can recover strength. Then game over…Terrible!😱

As for Japanese one is purple color.
This maybe it’s related with aconite.


Russia is blue.
I have laughed a story.
When someone tried to treat a blue shaved ice to Russian, he dashed away.

Lucky food


In Japan, it’s kelp and sea bream(Tai). So Taiyaki is a good omen.

Cuba, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Austria and Germany are pig is lucky food.
Hungary is lentils.

The southern USA is cornbread.
Turkey is pomegranate.
China is whole fish.

By the way, sexy movies are called blue films in English, but in Japan and France are pink. in China they say yellow, In Spain is green, In Italy is red… Why are they so different color?

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