Ochazuke (お茶漬け) is recipe only Japanese know

“Ochazuke” is a bowl of cooked rice mixed with tea and other tasty ingredients. “Chazuke” pronunciation is “Cha-zuke” Usually we call it with “O” ahead.

Today, I would like to introduce Japanese Ochazuke. 


“Ochazuke” is a traditional rice soup made with green tea and some ingredients. We never eat Ochazuke with egg! 

I recommend you when you do not have so much appetite, or no much time to eat meal. We often eat it after drinking. 



There are  not only green tea flavor, but also soup stock taste. we eat with Wasabi and sesame on the rice.


ume chazuke

This is Ume chazuke.  “Ume” means Umeboshi,soured plum pickles. Taste is light so that women can eat after drinking. This is popular for women. 

Dashi Chazuke is also eaten well.


This is my most favorite recipe!
Mentaiko (Spicy cod roe) chazuke.  This is ago dashi flavor with leeks, and sesame!


“Sake” means 2 means. One is rice wine, Nihonshu as you know. another is salmon. This Sake means salmon.

This chazuke is grilled salmon, chopped Nori and some crispy rice clackers on the rice.  Then we pour just hot water.

How you can get ?

You can buy it at Rakuten ichiba. This set contains 50 bags of Sake ochazuke, Ume ochazuke, and regular ochazuke. Less than 20USD for the bargain set!


This is sea bream chazuke. We love sea bream. Usually, putting raw sea bream, wasabi and chopped Nori seaweeds on the rice with soup stock.

Yakionigiri chazuke

“Yaki” means grilled, and Onigiri means rice ball. 
This flavor is already with soy sauce and savory, but a little hard.
So we eat it by Ochazuke.

FYI: Buzzfeed
Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/jp/sakikoshigemori/chazuke-2-ways

The other special recipe

Although not ochazuke, there is also a recipe for rice with soup, as shown below.

Hitsumabushi (Unagi Chazuke / ひつまぶし)


Hitsumabushi is finely chopped broiled eel over rice.

The basic style is that the kabayaki eel cut into pieces, then put (mabushi) them on rice.

Neko-manma( ねこまんま)

Eating steam rice in miso soup is called “Neko-manma”. The meaning of “Neko” means cat. “Manma” means rice. (Japanese cats eat rice, not meat or fish!) 

This recipe is not good manners and you should not eat in public.

Bukkake-meshi (ぶっかけ飯)

“Bukkake” means to pour the soup over the top vigorously. “Meshi” means steam rice.

This definition is whatever you want to put on the soup. It can be grated yam, raw egg, soup stock, anything.

Ochazuke means in Kyoto


Have you ever heard Kyoto people have double tongue and they difficult? When they say “You’re always so full of energy! ” to you, this real means that “You are too noisy.”

People from Tokyo are not good at people from Kyoto. Kyoto city is beautiful, though.

Bubuzuke (ぶぶ漬け)


Kyoto people call Ochazuke “Bubu zuke (ぶぶ漬け)”.

When they want their customers to leave, they ask, “Would you like to eat some Bubuzuke? “
This means “Get out now“.
So, you should never eat it.

If you ate Bubuzuke, they get angry and say “What a shameless bastard🤬” behind you.


sake chazuke

It is generally use green tea, hojicha or dashi for the soup.
We eat it with mitsuba, leeks, Nori, fishes kinds salmon or sea bream and ingredients mentioned in the recipe above.

No meat and potatoes, because this is simple menu.


The yellow something on photo you often see is called “Arare” which is a rice cracker.
This texture is so crunchy that it is included as an accent.

I recommend you Japonica rice, because this is stickier than the other rice.

Ochazuke no moto

Nagatanien is a company that is a great friend to housewives, producing ingredients that make it easier to prepare rice and side dishes.
If you like sumo wrestling, you’ve probably seen them well. Because, This is a sumo sponsor.

Their ochazuke soup is so delicious that you can’t stop eating rice…

You can get them  by Amazon, may be.

Bungo Stray Dogs recipe (文豪ストレイドッグス)

I heard that ochazuke has become popular with people with animated recipes of BSD. This is Atsushi Nakajima’s recipe.

FYI: Cookpad
Source: https://cookpad.com/recipe/3816513

Today was a fun story about Ochazuke.
See you soon😊

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