There is one of the Japanese soul food “Ochazuke”.
This is a boiled rice soaked with tea.


Today, I would like to introduce Ochazuke. 

What is Ochazuke?


“Ochazuke” is called “Chazuke” also.

Ochaduke is a dish of boiled water rice with hot green tea poured over it.

In Japanese, adding “O” ahead of a noun, it becomes a polite word. However, we do not put it on loan words like ramen, earphone or internet and so on.


We eat after drinking. There are many people who eat this Ochazuke in the last menu🙂



There are  not only green tea flavor, but also soup stock taste. we eat with wasabi and sesame on the rice.

This top photo is my most favorite spicy cod roe chazuke.  This is already tea flavored, so we need just hot water.

This is Ume chazuke.  “Ume” means Umeboshi,soured plum pickles. Taste is light so that women can eat after drinking. This is popular for women. 

ume chazuke
sake chazuke

“Sake” means 2 meaning. One is rice wine. another is salmon. This Sake means salmon. 

This chazuke is grilled salmon, chopped Nori and some crispy rice clackers on the rice.  Then we pour just hot water.

tai chazuke

This is sea bream chazuke. We love sea bream. Usually, putting raw sea bream, wasabi and chopped Nori seaweeds on the rice with soup stock.



Hitsumabushi is finely chopped broiled eel over rice.

The basic style is that the kabayaki eel cut into pieces, then put (mabushi) them on rice.


Of course, you can eat them as it is though, in general, condiments kinds that wasabi, chopped nori, leeks and so on are served on another plates with soup stock or tea.

Therefore you can eat changing taste as you like.

Neko manma


“Neko” means cat, “Manma” is an infant word for “rice”.
approx. 50 years ago, there were any pet foods in Japan, so Japanese gave leftover foods to pets.
This pet food is a mixture of rice and bonito flakes or putting rice into miso soup.


But, now there are many kinds of pet foods, so pets do not eat Neko manma anymore…but we eat this pet foods instead of pets!
Because this texture is similar to ochazuke, so we love this foods! Hahaha😅

However, this way of eating is not a well behaved one.
So, you should not have to say eating Neko manma…I like it, though!

Ochazuke means in Kyoto


Have you ever heard Kyoto people have double tongue and they never say real thing?

Unfortunately, the other Japanese dose not good with them so much.

When they say “You’re so full of energy! ” to you, this real means that you are too noisy.

So, they recommend to you “Would you like to eat Ochazuke if you like?” this means “Get out now!“ 

Never eat!

If you ate Ochazuke, they get angry and say “What a shameless bastard🤬” They call Ochazuke as “Bubu zuke”.

Today was a fun story about Ochazuke.
See you soon😊

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