Cup foods 6

Cup Foods 6

We don’t want to eat hot cup foods in the summer. So Japanese have developed Cold Cup noodles.

Cup foods 6

Today, I introduce 3 type of cold cup noodles.

Shiru nashi men Zero


“Shiru nashi men” means without soup noodle. “Zero” means zero gram of carbohydrate😮

This cup noodle made of agar and konnyaku powder. It has only 48 kcal, so that I recommend for women on a diet.


The noodles are not enough…
This is for kind of snack. I guess I won’t get full.

The texture is slightly rubbery. Taste is sour soy sauce as same as generally Hiyashi Chuka. 

But…I do not like this noodle texture. soup is Ok though.


Hiyashi Bukkake

Hiyashi Bukkake Udon

“Hiyashi” means cold. “Bukkake” means to throw water over one. 

This type of noodle takes time. Because, it needs to drain hot water and also it needs wash the noodles in water for cool down well like a Tsukemen.

 So we can eat this at home only.

I failed….I put ingredients in at first by mistake😥
I should have to put them later. (But it was OK.)

Taste looks like the Teriyaki. It was disgusting because we never eat teriyaki flavored noodles😣

I do not like this.

Hiyashi Bukkake Udon

Shiru nashi Tantan-men


This is also Shiru nashi ramen, but Tantan men.

This noodle is inspired from Nakiryu, a Michelin starred ramen restaurant, Otsuka district next Ikebukuro in Tokyo.

“Naki” means howl. “ryu”means dragon.

When you clap at a particular spot in a room with a dragon ceiling painting, it causes vibrations.
It seems this vibrations like a dragon howl, so that we call this dragon as “Nakiryu”


Pouring hot water and steam for 5 minutes.  Mixing both bags in front into cups after drained hot water.

I’ve eaten there many times before it became famous because it’s close to my house. it’s a unique spice and addictive tantan noodle🤩The texture is similar to that of instant raw noodles.


Today I introduced cold cup noodles. We usually eat spicy hot foods in summer like tropical countries. 

Today I introduced cold cup noodles. We usually eat spicy foods in summer like tropical countries. 
These types are not in overseas. When you go to Japan, try to eat them😐

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