20basic tofu recipes and how to cook (豆腐レシピ)

I often find Tofu around the world, but unfortunately, people often say “Tofu is not tasty” or “I don’t know how to eat it.” or so.

In particular, the ones sold overseas are packing sausages or milk cartons for keeping long time. Moreover, they are made in China. There are never such a “what looks like tofu” in Japan. 


Here is recipes for tofu that is tasty despite what is made in China.

tofu resipes

The real Japanese tofu is tasty without seasoning even.

we often eat tofu with chopped leeks ,grated ginger and soy sauce or salt.
“Hiya” means  cold.

We usually use kinugoshidofu, zarudofu, or atsuage.

A samurai servant was called “Yakko”.  


their jacket had a square crest on it. So, the square shape came to be called a yakko.

Yudofu (湯豆腐)


“Yu” means hot water. “Dofu” means Tofu. This recipe is just putting small kombu into pot and simmering momendofu. We eat with ponzu.

FYI: Kikkoman

Dengaku (田楽)


It is a dish of tofu, veges or konnyaku skewered, dipped in miso and grilled.
It is named after “Dengakumai”.

In this dance, dancers wear white Kimono skirt and jump on a single stick. The name “Dengaku” comes from the resemblance between this costume and the shape of a tofu skewer.

We usually use momendofu.

FYI: epirecipe

Naberyori (鍋料理)


Add tofu to soups, Sukiyaki or the other pot cooking. We usually use hard type tofu like momendofu, or Yakidofu.

I will introduce Japanese pot dishes later.

Tofu Hamburger Steak


This is made by replacing half of the meat with momendofu. It is low in calories, so I special recommend for dieters!

FYI: Nadia

Salad (サラダ)

Add it to salads or eat Caprese use a kinugoshidofu instead of mozzarella cheese.

Misozuke (味噌漬け)

“Zuke” means marinated. It is dipped momendofu into miso paste. Tofu will be like a cream cheese texture!
we eat it as a snack for sake.

FYI: Kurashiru

Iridofu (炒り豆腐)


“Iri-dofu” means scrambled memendofu.

It is boiled with mixed mashed tofu, chopped carrots, hijiki and mushrooms in a broth of dashi and soy sauce.

FYI: Shiro

Shiroae (白和え)

Drain the tofu and mix with the vegetables.

FYI: Cookpad


Tofu cake

I often make a rare cheese cake by replacing half of the cream cheese with kinugoshidofu.

FYI: Daily delicious

All this site is in English and Thai, she is Japanese, though.

Okara recipe


Okara is the tofu pulp. Okara cannot be eaten raw.

Unohana (卯の花)

“Unohana” means flower of the Utsugi. This is Deutzia do you know? It is found in Mexico, the Himalayas and East Asia.

Okara iridofu


This is the simmered tofu pulp with vegetables like an iridofu.

FYI: Ajinomoto company

Okara croquette


We make croquettes with okara instead of potatoes. This is also a calorie-free!
FYI: Dekish kitchen

This hamburger steak from okara is recommended for people with wheat allergies. You can make such a delicious and low-calorie hamburger steak without using wheat flour!

FYI: Cookpad

We often use okara instead of flour. This okara doughnuts is the outside is crispy like original one but the inside is more moist and juicy!

FYI: Kurashiru

We often make bread, cakes or pancakes with okara also.

FYI: Nadia

Aburaage recipe


“Abura age” means deep‐fried tofu. We often add fried tofu in miso soup or simmered. There is not “Inari age” food in Japan.

You can make it easily! Here

This is often called Aburaage sushi or Inari tofu pockets.
A vinegared rice ball with chopped vegetables seasoned sweet and soy sauce, wrapped in a abura-age. 
I explain this Inarizushi on another page.

Kitsune Udon


“Kitsune” means fox.  Japanese fox is worshiped as a messenger of goddess. They love Abura-age. (This explain about Aburaage fox also)


Mochi kinchaku


It is filled with mochi or seasoning vegetables and simmers or Oden. Or grilled it filled with Nattou as a snack of Sake.

Source: Mochi purse

FYI: Mitsukan
Source:Natto Kinchaku


Can you seem this shape is a drawstring pouch like a Santa Claus carries? In Japan, this bag is called “Kinchaku”



Koya-tofu is freeze-dried tofu. Japanese say “Kouyadoufu” exactly. We soak it in water before using. Japanese vegetarians often use this Koya-Tofu as a substitute for meat.


The whole mountain is covered with temples and is recognized as a World Heritage. Lodging is also  and Shojin-ryori(vegetarian cuisine) as a dinner. 

I explain this here.

Do you know Tempe, fermented and dried soybean meat?
In Japan, this koya tofu is used instead of tempeh.

This texture and taste is better than tempeh because it is more flavorful and crunchy.

FYI: macaroni

We also cook this shred and add it to keema curry.

Japanese often Koya tofu instead of minched meat.


It absorbs flavors well so that we often simmer in seasoned broth with some vegetables.


These recipes are authentic and simple home cooking recipes by Japanese professionals. (You can translate into your country language by Google Translate)
In addition, I introduced the recipes only use ingredients that you can get them in your country.

I hope you will enjoy these recipes at home!

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