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I often see tofu sold in supermarkets overseas. Unfortunately, it seems it does not popular because they do not know how they can cook Tofu.


Today, I introduce the types of tofu sold only in Japan.
I will show you how to cook tofu in Youtube later.


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“Kinu”means silk and “goshi”means filtered. so, this tofu silken tofu. The texture is very soft and smooth. 

We often eat Hiyayakko, chilled tofu topped with dried bonito flakes, chopped leeks, and grated ginger, over soy sauce. Or putting tofu into miso soup.



Oboro-Tofu is also called Yose Tofu. “Oboro” means hazy, is the collapse easily well of state.

This is that gathered before put in the mold. We often eat it as Hiyayakko. 


This tofu which is drained with bamboo strainer called Zaru-Tofu also. “Zaru” means bamboo strainer. The texture is as same as Oboro-Tofu. 

These type of tofu are very delicate in taste and texture. So you can taste real tofu taste. 



“Momen” means cotton. This is the firm middle tofu.  The texture is harder than silken tofu.

This tofu is more densely packed with nutrients, so it has more nutrients than silken tofu. And, this is best when grilled or cooked. We often eat putting one in the pot or simmered.



“Yaki” mans grill. This tofu is that grilled after drained. This is often used middle firm Tofu. 


The texture is hard so that It is used in various dishes such as Sukiyaki, Dengaku, or simmer.



Koya Tofu is tofu that is frozen and dried. The name comes from Koyasan temples in Wakayama prefecture. It was first made in the lodge of temple for monks at Koyasan.


As it is dried, it is reconstituted in hot water use. It absorbs flavors nicely, so we often cook simmered, seasoned broth and drenched until well-seasoned.



There are kinds of tofu that the seasoned tofu, or just name is called “Tofu” because texture is similar.

Tamago dofu

tamago dofu

It is a Japanese dish made by steaming a liquid mixture of dashi broth and eggs in a square container. It is called tofu, but there is no soybeans and bittern used.

Goma dofu

goma dofu

The ingredients are sesame seeds and arrowroot powder. It is often served in Shojin-ryouri.
It is milled sesame seeds until it feels smooth on the tongue, then mix with arrowroot powder melt in water and cooked.
mixing until it looks like silk. puting it in a mold and chill like tofu.

We usually eat it with wasabi and soy sauce.

Matcha dofu

matcha dofu

It is also known as sweet tofu, and there are sweetened tofu products like a pumpkin tofu.

In Taiwan, Tofu is kind a dessert. This is also eaten with black syrup like a dessert. But not general.



Japanese loves soybeans as you know. We eat it boiled, roasted or fermented even! I introduce some processed foods made from soybeans.



“Abura” means oil. “age” means deep-fry. This food is deep-fried Tofu. It is often called as “Inari”.
Inari means it is believed to be a favorite food of foxes, messengers of the rice god Inari.


Inari zushi is an oval shaped vinegared rice ball mixed some vegetables wrapped in the Abura age pocket. The Abura age is simmered with a sweet sauce before stuffing.



When soy bean milk is simmered over low heat, it will be like a film on the surface. This is Yuba that is one of the traditional food in Kyoto. 

It seems it is eaten like Sashimi with wasabi and soy sauce. But Japanese usually do not eat this food. Texture is rubber of Tofu…Is that tasty?
Why not try to eat it?



 Okara is the soybean lees when making tofu.
We eat it boilled or roasted for a side dish. Recently, it is often used for diet or vegetarian food.

okara korokke

we use Okara substitute for rice, or when we make croquettes, we use okara instead of potatoes. 


“Nattou” means fermented soybeans.

This has a strong smell and has a slimy consistency. It is eaten on rice, with soy sauce and mustard.
This has rich in protein, highly nutritious, and full of Vitamins B, E, and K also.

You can find Natto at any supermarket near you in Japan.



It is small blocks of tofu that have been deep fried. 

We usually eat with chopped leeks, grated ginger, bonito frakes and soy sauce.



Soy milk is a drink made by dipping soybeans in water, mashing them, adding water and boiling. Tofu is made by adding bittern to soy milk and letting it harden.



Tofu yo is a fermented tofu, unique in Okinawa prefecture. That is made from tofu, Awamori and salt. Very salty!😣

They are often sold in 1 cm cubes. It is said to be delicious when you eat with Awamori.



“Gan” means wild goose. “Modoki “means fake.
The originally made as a meat substitute for wild goose meat in  Shojin-ryouri.

This is the deep-fried tofu like a ball shape, including with seasoned chopped vegetables and kombu.

We often eat this in Oden or simmered.
It is also called “Hiryouzu” in Kansai area.

I would like to share some recipes that use tofu in next time!

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