Japanese saying related to foods 1

It’s said people can do things easily in English, “A piece of cake!”.
Japanese says “Before breakfast”. This means for little time from getting up to breakfast. This hour is very busy,right? It is said in Korea, Eating cold rice porridge. In spain, pan comida(already ate pan means).


Wouldn’t it be interesting to say the same saying differently in each country?

Today I introduce the sayings that comparing Japan and the world’s.

Coincidence good luck


The Japanese call a lucky incident as “Tanabota”.
It means a botamochi falls from a shelf into the mouth.
Botamochi is called Ohagi which is the sticky rice ball coated with sweetened red beans, soybean flour or sesame.
It seems the days when sugar was a luxury ingredient.
If I had been they, would not like this incident rather…

In Indonesia, durian falls from trees.
In Korea, tea and steamed rice cakes are served at midnight.

People are more interested in the practical over the aesthetic.


This means valuing gain over honor. Japanese eat foods while admiring flowers under the cherry blossoms trees in early April.

So, in Japan, we say “Dumplings are better than cherry blossoms”.


In UK,”Pudding rather than fame”.

there is “Bread is better than the songs of birds” also in western countries.


A small gift brings often a great reward.


In Japan, We say ” Catching  a sea bream with a prawn”.

Why sea bream? Because, this fish is very popular as auspicious fish in Japan.

In western countries, Throw a sprat to catch a whale as well.
But, Why do you catch the whales? You are against whaling, right?

In Spain they catch trouts with sardines.
In UK, they scatter sardines to catch mackerel or herring.


Within a little head, great wit.


In Japan, “Sansho, Japanese pepper is a small but piquant spicy”.

In Thailand,  Not Sansho but pepper. In Korea and Indonesia are the chili pepper.

In France and Italy, “The best spices is in a small bag”. 

Every sayings mean similar, right?

Better than none at all.


In Japan, Doburoku, unrefined Sake is for poor.
So, we say “Doburoku is better than tea because, we can get drunk.”

In Spain, hard bread. Spanish may be not able to eat German bread. They are too hard.


In Germany and England, fish!
I think they are the most luxurious people in the world.

In Denmark, it’s light beer. Are you make a fool out of Pilsner?

The grass is always greener on the other side.


We often see other’s one is better than ours.

In Japan, other people’s Botamochi is bigger than mine.


In Korea, other people’s cooked rice is more white.

In Bulgaria, other people’s eggs have two yolks.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.


The food you can avoid illness. In Japan, persimmons, oranges, apples and saury. 
Herring in Netherlands.
Britain and America are apples.
Iran is milk.

Proof is better than argument.


In Uk, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” The pudding is as same as Botamochi in Japan. Hahaha
In Korea, it’s rice cakes.

Japanese says “Only the man who had eaten sea bream and flounder can distinguish their difference.”

This is interesting that “In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas” is a common sayings around the world!

Next, I will introduce Japanese own sayings related to foods.

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