It is said “kawakimono” kinds of the snacks of alcohol as dried foods.

When drinking at home or in Izakaya pub, Japanese often eat them with shochu, beer or Chuhai.


Today, I introduce you to some dried foods that Japanese often eat.

Surume (Atarime)


“Surume” means dried squid. I’ve heard that creature with more than seven legs is the devil’s servant for Christians. Is that true?
So the Martians, as Westerners think, are shaped like an octopus with many legs.

We think squid and octopus look delicious not strange.


“Surume” is named also “Atarime”.
This is grilled to soften it up and eat with soy sauce, mayonnaise and chili pepper.

This texture is hard and little fishy.The more you chew, the more the flavor comes out. 

Ei hire


Eihire means “(dried)fins of ray”.
The taste is sweet and flavoured.
We eat it like a Surume.

I 💗 Eihire. Actually, I don’t need anything else.

Saki ika

saki ika

“Saki” means shred “ika” means squid. So, this is shredded and dried squid.

Soft texture without grill, and salty taste. Although this often gets stuck in teeth and is hard to chew, this is loved by Japanese for a long time.

Kokutou kurumi

kokutou kurumi

“Kokutou” means brown sugar. “Kurumi” means walnuts.
Roasted walnuts coated with brown sugar.
It goes very well with rum and shochu.
It is one of the women’s favorite dried foods😍

This is saild good for health!



”Kawahagi” is filefish.
It is dried and sweetly seasoned.
We eat it to tear off by hand and eat.



It is named after the Russian word “kolbasa”. There is no meaning in spelling.
A small salami stick. It goes well with beer specially.



“Chii” means cheese. “Tara” is cod. This is stick of cheese sandwiched between two thin strips of dried cod paste.

It has no odor and the texture is chewy. Children also like this foods.



“Kaki no tane” means kaki (Japanese persimmon) seeds. This is named from the shape is similar to kaki seeds. 
This snack is spicy and crispy rice crackers with roasted peanut. 

Recently we have wasabi or Japanese pepper, otUmenoshi taste, too.

It is said “Ie nomi”  “Taku nomi” or “Banshaku” that drinking alcohol at our own home.

Enjoy your drinking at home!


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