Have you ever heard of the Oktoberfest, a German beer festival?
In Japan, there is also the October beer festival in April and August.
The drinking age is 20.


Today I would like to introduce Japanese often drinks alcohol.



Sake is the rice brewed wine, you know. Sake is also known as “Nihonshu”.
It is made in a special way with rice and malt for sake.


There are also Doburoku, unrefined Sake and soda Sake like champagne.



Although Sake is a brewed, Shochu is a distilled Sake. This is different from sake,Shochu is made from various types of malted rice and ingredients.

The most famous and unique Shochu is sweetpotaoes Shochu, made in Kagoshima prefecture.

Hot shochu is usually heated in a teapot called “Joka”. 
Moreover, there is an order to pour hot Shochu into glass.

You have to pour Shochu into the glass first, then pour the hot water.

I did not know this order, so that I poured opposite.
I was scolded “No common sense”
very shock…😨

Cold is usually drunk on the rock or watered.

Chuhai (Sour)


Chuhai (Sour) is Shochu mixed with a citrus drink. This looks like a juice, so you may drink a lot!

Be careful because almost all this alcohol percentage is more than 10%😲



Whiskey with soda water. An American cocktail. In Japan, a highball called “Tris” is often drunk.

Plum wine

plum wine

June is the season of green plums.
Each family makes plum wine by soaking rock sugar and green plums in shochu.

This is like a juice and has a pleasant taste, so you can’t help but drink a lot of it…but You should be careful that Umeshu is too high alcohol psersentage more than you think!



Awamori is an Okinawan distilled rice liquor.  It is said the taste is complex mellow…this is too “Unique”  not to drink… sorry, I do not like it. This is used a teapot called “Karakara” to pour into a glass.

I don’t know this sake well.



The most famous beer makers in Japan are Ebisu, Kirin and Asahi.
Among them, Ebisu is especially popular with the British and Germans.
Of course, Heineken, Budweiser, Corona and Guinness are also very popular.
The most popular foreign beer in Japan is not from Germany, but from Belgium.



French wine is the most special, of course. We drink this wine in fine restaurants or Sushi restaurants or special day only.
we often drink Italian wine in Izakaya pub. But,
Australia, Chile and California’s are popular these days. 

If you would like to drink Japanese wine, I recommend you “Katsunuma”.
This wine is better than the others…



Yamazaki, Hibiki and Taketsuru are famous brands. I love Japanese whiskey😍 They are oaky, flavorful
and rich taste more than you think.

UK, real-whiskey- country people applauds Japanese whiskey. These brands are often win prize.

I’d rather recommend Japanese whisky than Sake.



Cocktails,  mojitos, rum and gin, are also popular. But we do not drink these so much.

When you go to Japan, you must try sake and whiskey.
You can find them in supermarkets. You will be surprised but they are not expensive but good quality🥰

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