raw egg

Raw egg

Have you ever heard Japanese eat raw egg ?

Yes, that is true from when we are baby.

Overseas eggs cannot be eaten raw because there are many Salmonella bacteria, but Japanese eggs are almost free of bacteria.Therefore, it does not cause food poisoning.


Today, I will talk about Japanese raw eggs that foreigners misunderstand.

Eggs in Vietmam…


I have heard, but never eaten though, Vietnamese eat steam eggs just before hatching, called “hột vịt lộn”.(very gross…)

When I saw it at the first time, I said, “Unbelievable! Poor thing!!” 
Then I talk about Japanese eat raw egg.
they said “Unbelievable! Poor thing!!”

We said same things each other😅

Japanese eggs do not become chicks because they are unfertilized eggs though.

Energy boost


Raw eggs is an energy boost kind a “Monster” drink.

Do you know the famous scene Mr. Sylvester Stallone drunk raw eggs in “Rocky”?

This means he is training like mad ,but only Japanese thought he takes much energy boost. He is burning!!

Big different means…😲

What is TKG?


“TKG” stands for “Tamago Kake Gohan”. This means  raw egg on the rice(with soy sauce).

My uncle is German, my cousins also have lived near Heidelberg, and I also had lived in many other countries, so I have friends everywhere.

When they went to Japan, they absolutely refused eating raw eggs at first.


However, when they ate raw egg on the rice with soy sauce once, they prefer this one to Sushi, Ramen or Wagyu.

Some of my friends tried to bring Japanese eggs to home…impossible,right?

Japanese eat Sukiyaki or Yakitori, Tsukune with raw eggs. We definitely put them in instant noodles!

If you go to Japan,try eating raw eggs.

This must be changed your world 180 deg like my friends!

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