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Cup Noodles You Can Eat While Dieting

The idea that junk foods and cup noodles are bad for your health.

This thinking is typical old era in Japan. We often make fun of this, calling it “Showa style”.(The Showa era is the period between the Pacific War to 1988. The current His Majesty is Emperor Reiwa.)

Nowadays, cup noodles are one of the most popular health and diet foods.

Can you lose weight even if you eat them? ! I introduce 3 cup noodles like healthy food.

Wakame ramen (わかめラーメン)

wakame Ramen

Wakame” means young kombu, which means the sprout before becoming kelp.
We often eat it into miso soup, vinegared food, or sashimi.

What is this ?

wakame Ramen

This wakame ramen with plenty of seaweed! This has been loved in Japan for over 40 years. To be honest, I have never eaten it before.

How's taste?


The taste is lightly flavored soy sauce. A lot of sesame and seaweed are inside. Unfortunately, noodle is typical cheap instant though.

Now I understand why this is loved by Japanese for a long time.

Wasabi ramen (山わさび塩ラーメン)

wasabi ramen

I understood the reason why wasabi is not hot foods… after I ate this ramen.

What is this ?

wasabi ramen2

The smoke of wasabi got in my eyes after poured hot water. Moreover, it is too spicy not to eat! 

I felt hot wasabi is more spicy!

How's taste?

wasabi ramen3

I dumped ramen at the first time…The photo looks yummy though…😥

Rizap Champon (ライザップちゃんぽん)


There is a training gym company for diet, Rizap in Japan.
They always say “We promise that you’ll get the result you want.” Everybody look like a different person before and after a diet!

This cup noodle is produced by the company.

Rizap meaning

There are gyms in Honolulu, Singapore, and China. 

What is this?


Salt ramen with kanikama (the imitation crab meat stick) and vegetables is called Champon, one of the local ramen in Nagasaki prefecture.

How's taste?


Salt flavour soup is not so strong.
Moreover, it is less than 300 kcal! It also has a low Carbohydrate less than 20g.

Oh, I just came up with good idea!
If 1 meal replaced this once a day, you can lose weight easily without gym, right? Is that not enough?

Today I introduced “healthy” cup noodles. You might be healthier after eating cup noodles. Hahaha😊

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