Japanese never get angry…except for foods.

Japanese is the masochist

commute in corona

I think almost all Japanese are the masochist (Japanese calls such person as “Do-EM”) . Japanese commutes on a crowded train without complaining even in Corona. 

Typhoon? Flood? Earthquakes? We do not care. We never stop working like ants every day.

Japanese  people is not working for living. We are living for working. We die when we stop working.

Patience is a virtue✨
Endurance is a cool✨

So, I think this country people is masochist.

It seems Japanese looks like tuna that is swimming when sleeping even. Oh, yeah…we love tuna very much. Hahaha

The sin against the Holy for Japanese.

We do not get angry even if we encountered a bitcoin fraud, stolen money or relatives are killed even.

On the contrary, we are the best friend of the country that dropped atomic bombs (twice too!) to us. 

Even if an alien invades, we will not get mad. (We may get along with weirdo each other)


The grudge of food is never easily forgotten!

A few years ago, dumplings imported from China were mixed with poison.

Japanese government which is always slowly and useless, resolved this case in only 3 days.
We never allow this poison case. 

Japanese stopped buying food from China since this case.

It's a Deadly sin for Japanese


So, if you want to offend Japanese, Serving a horrible meal to them.

Instead, your restaurant will close within a few months though.

The grudge of food is never forgotten!

Remember it.

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