Seasonings 2

I already introduce Japanese unique seasonings that I had never seen overseas before last time.


Today I would like to introduce some
unique seasonings again. I have never seen some of them overseas. I hope you like them🙂

Ume aji


Have you ever seen Japanese red soured pickled plum is called Umeboshi? In Japan, this food is often said to spit when we look at the photos. Because, this food is typical sour food for Japanese.

ume onigiri

It has more citric acid than lemon, so Japanese athletes often eats it after games or exercise. Because, it helps you get less muscle pain after exercise and also reduces the effects of fatigue.

We often put this plum in the lunchbox or onigiri to stop the rice from going off.



Shiso is kind a Japanese herb. There are red purple and green. We usually eat green one for sushi or onigiri. Red one is used as pickles like the Umeboshi, some people drinks as juice…

 I am sorry but I can not explain well because this herb is so unique and taste is not similar to anyother herbs. Not bitter, not spicy, no sweet…

Well, you can get them every supermarket easily in Japan. So, if you go to Japan, try to eat😉

I wonder if Shiso will be fashion as next wasabi.



Kuromitsu is brown sugar syrups.I know the sugar was brought from caribbean countries to Western countries.

But, in Japan,they are made in Okinawa region. The most famous brands are made in Hateruma island and Amami island. They are very near Taiwan. We 🧡 Taiwan.

This texture resembles honey. We often eat sweets over this sugar syrup.


If you cook gamey or other strong smell meats, I recommend  you with this black sugar. The meat will become more tender and this will be bring out its flavor.

Men tsuyu


“Men tsuyu” means Noodle soup. We distinguish using this soup depending on noodles.

For soba, soy sauce with a strong soup stock. For somen, use noodle soup with sweet soup stock. If you can not use them properly, you will be recognized as a poor chef.


For tempura, soup sauce with soup stock is used, which is good for Udon soup. Of course do not forget ginger and grated daikon radish!

It is often used to simmer dishes also.



“Ponzu” comes from the Dutch “Pons”.(…but, It is said they do not use this words anymore…🙁)

This is Soy sauce and dashi added to the Yuzu citrone juice or white vinegar.

Now, the meaning of “ponzu” changed “ponzu soy sauce”.
We often use it with hot pot recipes.


Umaji mura in Kouchi prefecture is the most famous brand. You can get this nokyo homepage.(Japanese site only)



Wasabi is now popular in USA, right?

We usually eat raw fish with wasabi or grated ginger. Because they kill parasites. Our ancestors knew that spice kills parasites.

It is strange to eat raw fish without seasoning. Unbelievable…

One of the pleasures of travelling for me is developing new food’s textures, tastes, and seasonings!
All Japanese are gourmand😋

Try new tastes and Have fun!

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