Japanese curry

Have you heard about Japanese curry?

Although I want to say the Curry came from India, This recipe did not come from India but from UK before 150 years.

While India was occupied by UK in 19c, Japanese imported curry from UK. By the way, the Diet system and car transportation system were also copied from the UK. (I think that was failures, though)

Today, I would like to introduce the curry rice, “National foods” as Japanese food!

Japanese curry

Japanese curry

When Indian sees Japanese curry, they always says, “ Is this Curry ⁉︎ Never! You joke!?😲” 

Because, Indian’s one is completely different. Japanese one of  texture looks like a stew.

We love curry as same as Indian’s. It has been eaten in every home since childhood. There are also many curry chain restaurants in Japan.

Japanese curry roux

We have a curry mixed roux that can cook easily within only 20 min! You must be a good chef soon😉

There are usually 3 levels of spiciness. The weak, Ordinarily, and Strong.


Oh, I guess “Far westerners” feel it more spicy than Asian people, so when you eat this one, I recommend you to choose a light spiciness first. 70% of Japanese choose the middle, though. The most spicy curry is not hot for the other Asian at all.


Japanese curry ingredients

We usually use carrots, onions, potatoes and meats. Meat is generally pork, chicken, or beef. We often cook only vegetables, this is also awesome yummy!!

kid's curry

Japanese curry is not mixed with spices so much like a real Indian curry. Not so spicy, so we have it for baby even!



We sometimes eat it with Nan bread like Indian’s, but Japanese curry is usually with rice. 


When we eat this menu, I do not know why that Fukujin-zuke (sliced vegetables pickled in sweetened soy sauce, left up) and Rakkyou(scallions pickled in sweetened vinegar, left down) are garnished in general.


curry cutlet

We arrange them like a Curry Katsu-don (Cutlets bowl), the soup for noodles, or seasoned for snacks and so on…

curry udon

Thus curry has been changed as one of the Japanese national food😋



We have countless retort curries also.

We would like to introduce them on another page later😉

If you are poor at cooking, I recommend you to cook Japanese curry especially. Everybody think about you must be a super chef! or your boyfriend would fall in love you more!

I also recommend when you do not have any time for cooking, This is easy to cook within 20 min. Just cutting veges and simmers with the roux! 

Why not eat Japanese curry?!😃

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