Japanese curry will change your life. (カレー)

When Indian sees Japanese curry, they always says,
Is this Curry ⁉︎ Never! You joke!?😲” 

Because, Indian’s one is completely different. Japanese one of  texture looks like a stew.

We love curry as same as Indian’s. It has been eaten in every home since childhood. There are also many curry chain restaurants in Japan.

Today, I would like to introduce the curry-rice, “National foods” as Japanese food!

Curry originated in India although it has been adapted and become popular around the world, including in England.
FYI: English Journal Online Source: https://ej.alc.co.jp/entry/20160623-kihon41

Japanese curry recipe

There are various recipes available in videos and on the Internet, so I introduce curry recipes by real Japanese.

Basic curry recipe


There are various recipes available in videos and on the Internet, but this is the basic Japanese curry.

FYI: House foods group
Source: https://housefoods-group.com/activity/e-mag/magazine/04.html

Japanese Vegetable curry recipe

This recipe is for vegetarians. Although I am not a vegetarian, I often cook this one.

FYI: Golden curry of summer vegetables
Source: https://www.sbfoods.co.jp/recipe/detail/05991.html

Curry Udon recipe

This menu is curry Udon. You must be not able to stop eating! There are curry soba and curry ramenalso, but they are not very common recipes.

Try out it!

FYI: Cookpad
Source: https://cookpad.com/recipe/1455999


Katsu curry recipe

“Katsu” means cutlet.
We love Katsu so this is arranged menu” katsu + curry”. There are Curry katsudon also.

FYI: Party Kitchen
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aArbHVjiDu0

Hayashi rice recipe

Hayashi rice is hashed beef, but Japanese people do not distinguish between curry and this dish. Hahaha

Actually,  every Japanese think into Hashed beef = Beef stroganoff.

Before I went to Russia, I made mistaken this menu…real Beef stroganoff is unbelievable tasty!!
I love Russian foods!

Source: https://oceans-nadia.com/user/45109/article/2252

Curry pan recipe

“Pan” means bread. This is kind a Russian pirozhki, inside is curry.

FYI: Cookpad
Source: https://cookpad.com/recipe/2479561

Naan curry dog recipe


We eat curry, cheese and wiener on the naan, like a hot dog. I recommend lettuce, too! It is sold at Seven Eleven convenience store in Japan.


Japanese curry ingredients

We usually use carrots, onions, potatoes and meats. Meat is generally pork, chicken, or beef. We often cook only vegetables or only seafoods.

Curry mixed roux

We have a curry mixed roux that can cook easily within only 20 min! You must be a good chef soon😉

There are many types!
FYI: Kakaku.com Magazine
“What is this different! I tried and compared 6 types of curry roux on the market”

Source: https://kakakumag.com/food/?id=9953



We sometimes eat it with Nan bread like Indian’s, but Japanese curry is usually with steam rice, and there are 2 garnish also.

Fukujinzuke (福神漬け)


When we eat this menu, I do not know why that Fukujinzuke ,sliced vegetables pickled in sweetened soy sauce

Rakkyou (らっきょう)

 Rakkyou(scallions pickled in sweetened vinegar) is garnished in general also.

Miso soup (みそ汁)

In a good old curry restaurant, when you order a curry, miso soup is included.

Nepalese Curry recipe

I’ve been from Tibet to Maldives, and I thought that the curries that suit Japanese people are Nepal and Sri Lanka’s one.

Actually, there are so many Nepalese restaurants in Japan. 

By the way, Sri Lankans are similar to Japanese character, so many of them get married to Japanese. They are Buddhist also. Beautiful country.

Retort curry

There are many other “retort curries” that can be eaten after a few minutes in the microwave. I introduce them on another page.


I introduce on another category.

There are retort curry by MUJI in Japan. This is butter chicken curry.

18+ ONLY Curry

There are usually 3 levels of spiciness.

Not spicy“, “Regular“, or “Spicy“…for Japanese.

So, this “Spicy” means Sweet for Indian people. They were too spicy for me to eat…

Recently, the  curry that is called “18+ ONLY curry” or “20 times hotter” has become popular among Japanese.

I think this is good for Indians can understand. Try out it!

For Baby curry

kid's curry

Japanese curry is not mixed with spices so much like a real Indian curry. Not so spicy, so baby can eat it.

This curry is for 1years old.


There are many interesting curry restaurants and curry chains in Japan. I have heard that Coco Ichi opened a restaurant in New Delhi recently,right? They have the guts…it’s like an Indian opening a sushi restaurant in Tokyo.

Here is a list of popular curry restaurants in Japan.
FYI: Curry data base
Source: https://currydb.supleks.jp/rank



In Japan, all drinking water is provided free of charge. There should be a cup and pitcher on the counter. It is self-service.

Kami-epuron (紙エプロン)

“Kami-epuron” means a paper apron. Some restaurants provide with a paper apron too. 

If you don’t want to get your clothes dirty with curry, ask them. This is kind a napkin when eating steaks.



When you go to Japanese curry restaurant, you can find them on the top of your table. 
Use tongs to take these and put them on the rice.

This is free! All you can eat!


Kanda Curry Grand prix


Kanda, Tokyo has been home to many curry restaurants. There is KandaCurry Grand Prix. There is also some ivents like a stamp rally.
Why not join?

Indian curry is also very popular, of course. There are many delicious and inexpensive curry restaurants in Tokyo. Delis are also available.

When you come to Japan, you should definitely try ramen, sushi, karaage and this Japanese curry.
It will change your life.

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