Deep fried foods

When you come to Japan, I recommend you to eat not only sushi and tempura, but also other deep-fried foods.
They are a little unique.


Today, I introduce Japanese awesome deep-fried foods!



It goes without saying that Tempura is one of the typical deep-fried food in Japan.I often say loudly, but Tempura is never a “frits”!

The texture of tempura is not fluffy, but crispy! 


When I went abroad, I asked for tempura at a Japanese restaurant run by a foreigner, they are most probably going to serve frittos with ketchup or soy sauce.

We never eat Tempura with ketchup or soy sauce also!

We usually eat by salt(for expert), seasoning salt or soy-based dipping sauce for tempura.

Tatsuta age


“Tatsuta” is from the Tatsuta River in Nara Prefecture next Kyoto.

Along This river is known as a famous place for autumn colors.
Our ancients thought that this resembles the atmosphere of red-brown fried chicken in autumn leaves.  “age” means deep-fry.

This recipe is a starch chicken or mackerel and deep fried. Have you ever heard? There is a unique hamburger menu with Tatsuta chicken in McDonald’s Japan!

Crunchy and more crispy than flour batter.

I can’t stop loving this Tatsuta-age!

Kara age

karaage (1)

There is the same menu among other eastern asia also.
Japanese deep-fried floured chicken usually has soy sauce and garlic flavor.

Su age

yasaichips (1)

“Su-age” means the deep-fry without breading or batter.

They are especially popular among women as healthy snacks instead of potato chips.
There are many vegetables kinds pumpkins, lotus roots, okura or so. The page icon photo is Tofu-su-age.

This brings out the flavor of each ingredient, but, there are no fish and meat.

Satsuma age


Satsuma-age is a deep‐fried minced fish and vegetables paste.“Satsuma” means an old name of Kagoshima prefecture. 

This deep fries are born in Kagoshima. They have many unique local foods like Shotyu distilled from potatoes, Sakura-jima Japanese radish,Satsuma-age and so on.



A fried bread-crumbed food containing mashed potatoes, ground meats, and some vegetables.

It is a copy of the French “croquette”. But we call  “korokke”. There are many copies not only Japan, but also around the world! One of the recipes that has been loved in Japan since childhood.

I do not know why we usually eat with Worcestershire sauce not ketchup.

Basically, we use potatoes, but we sometimes arrange pumpkins instead of potatoes. This is popular also among woman and kids.

We have also crab cream croquette made with white sauce and crab.

Ebi fry, Yasai-fry

“Ebi-fry”means shrimp-deep-fry. Yasai means vegetables. 

We often eat vegetables, fishes and boiled quail eggs as same as croquette in lunch box, or dinner.

What we call “fry” is usually deep-fried with a batter like croquet.



“Katsu” means the cutlets, and it has the same batter as croquette. We call Katsu only meat and fish,Not vegetable and eggs. Oh and, the top photo is beef katsu. 

There are variations such as skewered cutlet ,Katsudon and so on.

Katsu rhymes as “win” and this is a lucky food! Therefore, Japanese often eat it before important negotiation or exam.

Japanese unique batter


We have also unique batters! Somen, Nori seaweed, sesame, Kaki no tane (spict and crispy rice crackers)and so on.

I will cook later sometime. You’re gonna love them!

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