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3 instagrammable Japanese Cup Noodles!

Not wanna spend time, Just wanna eat yummy food…Cup foods were developed for the WAGAMAMA(Selfish) Japanese.
Today, I introduce Japanese cup noodles stand the test of time!

Akai Kitsune Udon (赤いきつね)

“Akai”means red, “Kitsune” means fox. This Maru-chan’s cup udon has been loved by Japanese for over 50 years.


This contains an aburaage, dried leeks and some corns.

The silver bag is powdered soup. Put it in, then add hot water and wait for 3 minutes.


The flavor of soup is a light soy sauce and umami soup. (little sweet)

The seasoning differs between western and eastern Japan, so be sure to try both!


Why fox ?

fushimi inari

In Japan, fox is worshiped as goddess’s messenger. You know the most famous place of shrine is Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto.

It is said they love this aburaage.
Inari-zushi was named after this inari.

Sugomen Sano Ramen (凄麺 佐野ラーメン)


“Sugo (凄)” means kind as Awesome! Super! or Great!  Young guys often use the word, “Sugee (スゲー)”.  (This word is not good manner) “Men” means not male, but noodle in Japanese language. 

Tochigi (栃木県)

“Sano” is one of the city in Tochigi Prefecture of the eastern side. We call like this of unique things as “Gotouchi” with love.

So, this Sano ramen is “Gotouchi ramen”!


Well, I can say as for this noodle,The taste was normal soy sauce taste and light, and it goes down easy. 

I recommend the person for those who want to eat typical soy sauce ramen, even you don’t have time for eating.

Knorr Soup Delli (クノール スープデリ)


It is written “Whole ripe tomato soup pasta” and  “cranchy pasta”. Italian food is very popular in Japan. This is Fusilli pasta tomato flavor! 

How to make

First, pour hot water to the middle line and stir for 1 min.
Waiting for 3 min. Although I had been waiting for 3 min, I could not eat too hard! After all, I waited 15 min more!


Taste is real tomato pasta soup and tasty… but, this is too small for men to eat full.

You need + salad or bread something, may be.

Japanese loves noodle and rice.  We have many kinds of cup foods…actually, countless…because, they launch new cup foods every month.

I recommend you these as souvenir for your friends Because, these are cheap, tasty, but very instagenic… So, Give it a try!

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