“Donburi-mono” means “bowl-foods”.  We call often “Don mono” also.
This menu means a side dish on the rice.
This style has been since the Edo era over 200 years ago.

When Tokyo was called as Edo, it was considered bad manners to seasoned rice or eat rice and side dishes together. 


Nowadays, it is served in fast-food, restaurant, and hotels as well.

People in Edo are often said boisterous (not dragon or impatient ) so, they wanted to eat meals quickly.

We 💖 Don-mono.
As the sauce is soaked into rice… Yummy more😋

Today, I introduce typical Japanese bowl foods!



“Oyako” means parents and child.  This bowl is Chicken and Egg rice bowl. 
This has another means a man makes love with mother and daughter at once. Well,… You seldom have such an opportunity, may be?😏Hahaha


“Katsu” is from  “Cutlet” that a small piece of meat. But, Japanese cutlet is very difference from real this one. We call usually “Katsu” is deep-fried meats, vegetables, or fishes with  bread crumbs. Katsudon is with beaten egg, some vegetables, and deep-fried pork cutlet on the rice.


This is making katsudon.

“Katsu” is same rythms as “Win” in Japanese.So, when Japanese eats this menu, we wish win something!
katsu is one of an auspicious menu😋


“Gyu” means “Beef”. (Real pronunciation is “Gyuu”) This is a bowl cooked beef and onion slices.We usually eat them with raw egg topping😁

What is red one on the top of bowl is julienne strips red gingers. This is often used as a topping for Japanese food. This is one of the seasoning.


“Tekka” means red flesh soaked into soy sauce. This Chinese letters consist of “iron” and “fire”. This means tuna flesh meat looks like a fired iron.
The white one on top of this picture is grated yam.

When Japanese eat flesh fish, we eat with Wasabi. Because wasabi kills parasites. Our ancestors knew that.
So we can’t think of sushi without wasabi!



Tendon is a “Tempura” bowl. This is one of the most popular menu in Japan. Especially, shrimp is a genuine classic of tempura.  

The sauce is already put on tempuras.
I love Tendon😍😍



“Kaisen” means sea foods. So, this is sea foods bowl. There are many kinds of sea foods them. with wasabi. 

Japanese 💖 this bowls especially!


 “Una” is short for eel. This is a glaze-grilled Japanese eel rice bowl.  As this bowl is expensive,  we can eat it on a special day only. If you saw cheap Unadon, this must be made in China.  

The real Japanese eel is expensive, because Japanese eel meat is thicker and  richer  than chinese one.


 “Soboro”means minced meat flakes, scrambled eggs  flavored with soy sauce, sweet sake, sugar and so on.

This menu is of one of  the home recipe for kids.


“Kani” means crab. “Tama” is short for “Tamago” as egg.

Add crab, pork or shrimp, chopped leeks, shiitake mushrooms, salt and pepper to the beaten egg, bake it.
Then putting it on rice, and dressed with a thick starchy sauce.

This has name Chuka-don or Tenshin-don(Tenshin is name of Tianjin)also.


This photo is from Hachinohe city in Aomori prefecture, northern side of Japan.

Although Japan has 47 prefectures, there are more than 47 local foods.

Why more than 47 ones?

Because, we have local foods depends on district not prefecture.
Donmono is also many kinds like a ramen,they have local flavor😁


If you go to the countryside of Japan, try to eat local taste.

Although Japanese people can not speak English so much, they treat you diligently!


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