Real Japanese Donburi recipe you MUST try(丼物)

“Donburimono” means “bowl-foods”.  We call often “Donmono” also.
This menu means a side dish on the rice.
This style has been since the Edo era over 200 years ago.

When Tokyo was called as Edo, it was considered bad manners to seasoned rice or eat rice and side dishes together, though. Nowadays, it is served in fast-food, restaurant, and hotels as well.

Today, I introduce 15kinds Donburimono recipes and kinds Japanese often eat!


“Oyako” means parent and child.  This bowl is Chicken and Egg rice bowl. 
This has another sexy means a man makes love with mother and daughter. Well,… You seldom have such an opportunity, may be?😏Hahaha

Oayakodon Recipe

This recipe is that easy to cook taste like a pro in only 10 minutes!

FYI: macaroni
Source: https://macaro-ni.jp/76457

Katsudon (カツ丼)

“Katsu” is from  “Cutlet” that a small piece of meat. But, Japanese cutlet is very difference from real this one. We call usually “Katsu” is deep-fried meats, vegetables, or fishes with  bread crumbs. Katsudon is with beaten egg, some vegetables, and deep-fried pork cutlet on the rice.

Katsudon recipe

“Katsu” is same rythms as “Win” in Japanese.So, when Japanese eats this menu, we wish win something!
katsu is one of an auspicious menu😋

FYI: Nadia
Source: https://oceans-nadia.com/user/13062/article/3027

Gyudon (牛丼)

“Gyu” means “Beef”. (Real pronunciation is “Gyuu”) This is a bowl cooked beef and onion slices. We usually eat them with a raw egg topping.

What is red one on the top of bowl is julienne strips red gingers. This is often used as a topping for Japanese food. This is one of the seasoning.

Gyudon recipe

This recipe is a reproduction of Yoshinoya’s recipe. You can have Yoshinoya at home!

FYI: Kumiko Yamadera recipe
Source: https://kumiko-jp.com/archives/75547.html

Butadon recipe (豚丼)

“Butadon” means pork bowl. This recipe uses pork instead of beef, but this recipe is seasoned with miso.

FYI: Cookpad
Source: https://cookpad.com/recipe/5295332

Yoshinoya / Matsuya (吉野家 / 松屋)

In Japan, there are great 2 Gyudon fast food restaurant, Yoshinoya and Matsuya. These restaurants are very popular among children and adults because these are very tasty set meal for only 5USD!

Not only beef bowls, but also curry or pork bowls.

Tekkadon (鉄火丼)

“Tekka (鉄火)” means Dipping tuna into soy sauce. This Chinese letters consist of “iron” and “fire”. This means tuna flesh looks like a fired iron.

The white one on top of this is tororo (grated yam) .

When Japanese eat flesh fish, we eat with Wasabi. Because wasabi kills parasites. Our ancestors knew that.

So we can’t eat Sushi without Wasabi.

Tekkadon recipe

Tuna used for soy sauce marinade does not need be fresh. We often make it with leftover tuna.

FYI: Lettuce club.net
Source: https://www.lettuceclub.net/recipe/dish/1206/

Yamakakedon recipe (山かけ丼)

Substitute poached eggs for raw eggs. Tuna is also delicious as pickled tuna into soy sauce.

FYI: E-recipe
Source: https://erecipe.woman.excite.co.jp/menu/20101218/

Tendon (天丼)


Tendon is a “Tempura” bowl. This is one of the most popular menu in Japan. Especially, shrimp is a genuine classic of Tempura. (I explain about the Tempura here.)

The sauce is already put on them. So you can eat without any seasonings. Well, some people eat it with Yuzu as a topping like this photo.

Tendon recipe

This recipe is by Mr. Masahiro Kasahara, the owner of Japanese restaurant “Sanpi Ryouron” (This means “Pros and cons”. Interesting!). Here is very famous among only Japanese.

He has published many Washoku recipe books.

FYI: Lettuce club.net
Source: https://www.lettuceclub.net/recipe/dish/31637/



“Kaisen” means sea foods. So, this is sea foods bowl. There are many kinds of sea foods like shirasu, ikra, maguro, hotate… are on the bowls fully!

Japanese 💖 this bowls especially!

Kaisendon recipe


There’ no specific fish to use for Kaisen-don. The seafood bowl at the Japanese fish market is stunned by its yummy. 

FYI: Kurashiru
Source: https://www.kurashiru.com/recipes/01a83930-8914-4570-9c00-a3b691998191

Kind Kaisendon recipe

Negitorodon recipe(ねぎとろ丼)

“Negitoro” is a minced fatty tuna.
In Japan, this is sold already after minced.

FYI: macaroni
Source: https://macaro-ni.jp/47832

Shirasudon recipe(しらす丼)

“Shirasu” means baby sardines. This recipe that uses lots of shirasu. It may be a little fishy for foreigners…

FYI: Yamauchi sengyo
Source: https://www.yamauchi-f.com/recipe/?p=666

Hotatezukedon recipe(ほたて漬け丼)

“Hotate” means scallop. This is an unusual recipe for pickled scallops into soy sauce. It looks delicious!

FYI: E-recipe
Source: https://erecipe.woman.excite.co.jp/detail/ac9270d28b8d0ee8f2837983d8000077.html

 “Una” is short for eel. This is a glaze-grilled like Teriyaki, Japanese eel rice bowl.  

As this bowl is expensive,  we can eat it on a special day only. If you saw cheap Unadon, this must be made in China or Korea…(sorry them.)

The real Japanese eel is expensive, because this meat is thicker and  richer  than the other one.

Unadon recipe

Eel is poisonous in the blood and cannot be eaten unless it is cooked. In addition, it is very difficult for amateurs to cut it because it is slimy.
In Japan, the eel is sold in packs that are already grilled.
There are no recipes for cooking of raw eel, so I introduce the recipe for using already packaged.

FYI: Lettuce club.net
Source: https://www.lettuceclub.net/recipe/dish/16745/

 “Soboro”means minced chicken flakes, scrambled eggs  flavored with soy sauce, sweet sake, sugar and so on. This is also known as “Sanshokudon” , tricolor rice bowl.” Sanshoku” means 3 colors.

Soborodon recipe

This menu is of one of  the home recipe for kids.

FYI: Cookpad
Source: https://cookpad.com/recipe/1371465

“Kani” means crab. “Tama” is short for “Tamago” as egg.

This consists on crab, pork or shrimp, chopped leeks, shiitake mushrooms, salt and pepper to the beaten egg, bake it.
Then putting it on rice, and dressed with a thick starchy sauce.

This recipe has another name “Tenshinhan” Tenshin is city name of Tianjin in China also. This recipe is from China, but Japanese arranged. 

kanitamadon recipe

Here is a basic recipe for kanitamadon.

FYI: macaroni Youtube
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MouE27mVBMQ&t=14s


This recipe is for donburi made from leftovers of yakitori. It can also be made in a pan. 

Yakitoridon recipe

I would like to share recipes made by different Japanese, but I couldn’t find any other basic Yakitoridon recipe except here.

So this recipe is perfect.

FYI: Shirogohan.com
Source: https://www.sirogohan.com/recipe/yakitori/


“Chukadon” means Chinese bowl,  is a bowl of rice topped with a Chinese dish “chop-suey”. A dish thickened with potato starch is called “Ankake”.

Chukadon recipe

This recipe is so good that I ate it up only in 5min… super yummy!!

FYI: Cookpad
Source: https://cookpad.com/recipe/3899984

Mapodon recipe(麻婆丼)

Japanese people love Mapo Tofu. We call “,Mabodofu”.

This is a recipe for a bowl of rice topped with Mapo. The spiciness may not be enough for Chinese people as it is arranged for Japanese.

FYI: E-recipe
Source: https://erecipe.woman.excite.co.jp/detail/bcd564833517dfd7dbf5f726810cad71.html


The word “Bakudan” means “Bom”. The reason why it is called “Bakudan”? Because, this recipe is from Hiroshima…it’s joke.
Because sticky foods make you more energetic.

Bakudandon recipe

This recipe is characterized by using mainly sticky ingredients as follows (The picture is a little different).
1. grated yam
2. raw egg
3. negitoro
4. natto
5. okura
Sprinkle chopped nori , small leeks, and white sesame seeds on top of this.
Serve with wasabi and soy sauce.

FYI: macaroni
Source: https://macaro-ni.jp/51648


“Stamina” means stamina. We call this bowl of rice “sta-don” also. This recipe is said to give you stamina because it contains pork, garlic, and eggs.
It is especially popular among young men.

Staminadon recipe

Japanese use raw eggs, but poached eggs can be substituted.

FYI: Ajinomoto
Source:  https://park.ajinomoto.co.jp/recipe/card/707691/

Loco moco don(ロコモコ丼)

Loco moco is a local Hawaiian dish that consists of a hamburger steak with gravy and fried egg on the rice . Japanese people love Hawaii.

This menu is lovingly called “Loco Moco Don” and is loved by many Japanese.

Loco moco don recipe

Kids love it!  Adding vegetables kinds avocado or lettuce is the Japanese recipe!
This is an easy and yummy!

FYI: macaroni
Source: https://macaro-ni.jp/32751

21 major Japanese donburi recipes are here!
Why don’t you try cooking them at home?

Happy Donburi life😉

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