How many types of Japanese meals do you know?

Bento, Sushi, Kaiseki…Although there are many kinds of Japanese foods. How many kinds do you know them?

Today, I introduce the typical Japanese food types.

What is Japanese food?


Japanese food is roughly divided into 3types as follows.

Washoku: Japanese unique foods
Chuka: Chinese foods
Yoshoku / Youshoku: Westerners. Including French, Thai, Africa or Italian etc.

I explain only Washoku in this page.


There are so many different types of sushi indeed.

The sushi you know is actually called  “Nigiri-zushi”. The originally from Tokyo. (“Nigiri” means hand shaped).  This type sushi is also called “Edomae-zushi”. “Edomae” means Tokyo style.


Kansai district has “Oshi-zushi”.(“Oshi” means pressed) If you say “I want eat Sushi” in Kansai district, this Oshi-zushi will be served.


Putting vinegared rice into this mold with slices fish and some veges, then press with a lid from the top.


This type sushi is called “Battera” also in Japan. This is named after the Portuguese word for “small boat”.  The shape is similar.


“Kaiseki” means meals before the tea ceremony as a course dish. Usually we do not use meat.

The Russians chef imitated the Kaiseki 200years ago.(Because Russia is cold, so if they serve meals at once, the meals will be cold soon and not delicious), then French imitated Russian’s one.

The current course dish format was established in France. Japanese do not know about this and serve their food in courses like French style… lamentably.


The kaiseki contains various foods in a crosswise-partitioned lunchbox is called “Ryaku shiki-kaiseki”.
“Ryaku shiki” means Informal. 

This is popular because we can eat kaiseki cuisine easily .

This photo is in-flight meal of ANA(Business class).

kaiseki(for Party)


This “Kaiseki” means party cuisine. Basically, menu has 1soup and 3 deishes.

3 dishes are served with sashimi or fish pickles, soup or simmered vegetables, and grilled vegetables or a fish.


In addition, appetizers, fried, steamed and boiled foods as side dishes.

The last one is rice, miso soup, pickles, and some sweets also.


“Donburi” means bowl. It is also said “Donmono”. We have many bowl recipes. 

I explain another page “Donburi-mono“.


“Bento” means lunch box, is one of the entertainment for Japanese.

Our mothers and wives make them for their husbands or children every morning.

It7s written “Who do you think you are?”…I guess they quarreled something last night?

In recently, this is not just tasty but also the place of expressions for mother’s voice.

Anything that doesn't kill you is just a scratch.

It is written “Anything that doesn’t kill you is just a scratch. ” Japanese often think so…
This means as same as “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger“.

Every world, Mother is great!!😄



“Age-mono” means deep-fried.

There are many kinds of deep-fried foods in Japan. I explain this on another page “Deep fried foods“.


“Teppan” means Steel plate. “Yaki” is grill.
So, Teppan-yaki is grilled foods on the hot steel plate.



In Japan, not only steaks but also Okonomiyaki pan cake, Omelet or ice cream even😲 on the grill.



This is one of the vegetarianism. A diet composed of brown rice or whole grains as the staple food and assembled from legumes, vegetables, seaweed and salt.  

No sugar,no meat, eggs or dairy products.
Organic and natural foods are preferred.
Eating wholes without discarding peels.

Katei ryori

home cooking

“Katei” means home. “Ryori” means a cooking. 

So, this is home made cooking, including Chuka and Youshoku also.

shojin ryori

“Shojin ryori” means a vegetarian diet that was originally monks. Useing only vegetables, beans and grains.
Because monks were prohibited eating any meats. and Sake.

Yoshoku has many kinds. I explain these on another page in near future.

See you😊

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