Multinational flavor cup noodles in Japan

There are many cup foods makers in Japan, not just Maru-chan and Nissin.

However, Nissin is the largest and most innovative cup foods menu each season…sometimes they release odd cup food, though. 

On the other hand, Maru-chan is good at arranging standard products.

Today, I introduce multinational cup noodle of Nisshin.


I never imagined that Americaine soup and cup noodles match like this!

This awesome yummy sauce is no longer only for pasta.

How's taste

This rich soup with tomato and shrimps are much with baguette or breads also.

I drink all soup up every time…I know this soup is not for good my health so much😓

They are popular among Japanese girls especially. Because, the appearance of eating this looks cuter.(I am not a girl… unfortunately) 

Tom yum goong Noodle(トムヤムクン)

Tom yum goong cup noodle

Tom Yum Goong is a typical Thai pot dish. The taste is sour and chilli spicy. This pot is also very popular in Japan. Japanese loves Thailand and Thai people.

Well… I do not care that Europeans wouldn’t be able to distinguish races from Japan to Thailand, though. Hahaha. 

What is this ?

Although this looks like a normal cup noodle at first glance, it has with a special Tom Yum soup separately.

How's taste?

It would just be spicy cup noodle without this paste.

This is it!

Amazing popular and yummy!!  This is really Tom Yum Goong taste…but, not so spicy for Thai.

European cheese curry(欧風チーズカレー)

This taste is different from ordinary curry. I do not know why this is “European”…  I guess there are including cheese…maybe. 

What is this ?

A lot of curry powder will thicken once adding the cheese for a bit.

How's taste?

OMB…This is very moreish. It is so yummy that I drank all soup up again.

Well balanced curry spiciness and cheeses. But unfortunately, this is contains beef stocks. So, some people can not eat it because of religion.

3 types multinational tastes here.

There any other taste kind Singapore Laksa (This is difficult get them because this taste is too popular to sell up soon…), Green curry or so.

See you😉

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