8 Weird Fish are eaten in Japan(へんな魚)

When foreigners find strange fishes, they say “What is this?! disgusting…”or something.
But, only Japanese asks “Is this edible?”

I respect my ancestors. Because, when I saw them at first, I didn’t think try to eat! Unbelievable…

Today, I introduce edible strange fishes. gross…


Red stingray is a yummy white fish.
Usually, this is by simmered with soy sauce.

The smoked fins are called “Ei hire”. Toast them lightly and eat with mayonnaise like capelin.  This is sweet flavor (under photo).

Eihire (エイひれ)

When I drink SAKE, I always eat this “Ei hire” .This goes very well with SAKE👍

Eel (うなぎ / 鰻)


Eel is “Unagi”. This is one of the expensive fish in Japan. Recently there are many made in china eel. These are not so expensive…less than 10USD each.

Eel has been eaten in Japan since over 5000 years ago. As eel’s blood is poisonous, Never eat raw. “Raw-lover” Japanese even grill well it. 

Usually, we eat as glaze-grilled, like teriyaki style it called “Kabayaki”.


This style is called “Una-juu” . This is very popular. Japanese eats eel in the summer well, because we get energy from it😉

I will talk about Unagi is on another page. Because, too much to describe only here.

Anglerfish (あんこう)


This grotesque fish is little bit chewy white fish expensively.
We eat stew, or deep fried in the winter.

Ankou nabe

It is widely eaten in eastern Japan as a representative winter hot pot.

Generally, hot pot is referred to as “Fugu in the west and Ankou in the east.

Add tofu, mushrooms, and Chinese cabbage and simmer in soy sauce and bonito broth.

FYI: Ajinomoto.com


The steamed liver is called “Ankimo”. We eat with leeks, daikon oroshi and Ponzu
This is also much as a snack for SAKE😋

Loach (どじょう)


Loach is called “Dojou” in Japanese. As they live in rice paddies or mud, and we eat them after removing mud. because, they are smell bad.

Loach recipe (柳川鍋)

We eat them by “Yanagawa-nabe (柳川鍋)”, a pot of them boiled in soy sauce with eggs and burdock.
Or eat live them is called “Odorigui(踊り食い)”… How cruel😣

I have never seen this, though.

Scorpionfish (かさご)

かさご (1)

Kasago recipe

I love scorpionfish, called “Kasago” . Japanese often eat in  karaage, Sashimi, or simmered with soy sauce.

Take care! The scorpionfish has highly poisonous fins, so you may die when you cut them open. When cooking, make sure to remove the fins.

Conger pike (鱧 / はも)


Conger pike is called “Hamo”, a plain-mild-taste. This expensive fish is eaten in Kyoto well. 

Hamo recipe


In the Kansai region, Hamo is sold as parboiled or Kamaboko (fish cake).
On the other hand, it is a rare fish that is only used in Kyoto cuisine, so it is treated as a high-class fish in Tokyo.

Moray (うつぼ)

うつぼ (2)

Utsubo recipe

Although this looks grotesque, the texture is similar to puffer fish well. So, it is tasty…that is unexpected!

We eat in Seared, Sashimi, or karaage…I have never eaten to be honest.

Sayori (さより)

This is a light white meat with a crispy and elegant taste. This fish is popular among fishing lovers in Japan.(They are called “Sayolists”.)

There is a Japanese saying “The woman like Sayori“.
This is no good meaning. ” beautiful woman but have a black-hearted.”
Are there any such woman around you?

Sayori recipe


We often eat it with ginger and scallions in sushi and sashimi.

I introduced 8strange fishes that Japanese eat. 
We also eat conger eels, deep-sea fish, and sunfish by sashimi.
The Japanese may be the cruelest people in the world for fishes😣

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