Cup food 2

Only Japanese know! Cup foods sold only in Japan for a limited time.

To tell the truth, there are countless cup foods in Japan. Every year, not only new flavors, but also new cup foods such as risotto, pasta or rice are released.
Unfortunately, they do not sale outside of Japan.

Cup food 2

Today, we introduce interesting and unique Japanese cup foods!

YOKOSUKA NAVY Curry noodle


Yokosuka is one of city name near Tokyo. There is American & Japanese navy. the curry of this navy is known as delicious  and famous. 

There are potatoes and chills. This is not spicy so much and the soup is really “normal”.

Unfortunately, this is not as delicious as I expected. But I know Yokosuka curry rice is very good! 

I will  introduce another page.


sukiyaki udon

gyusuki (3)

This type cup noodle is a fashion recently. There is not soup inside like a bake noodle.

This is not ramen, but udon noodle. 

After Sukiyaki, we sometimes eat udon noodles instead of rice.
This is the Sukiyaki udon as cup noodles.

You must be careful with this type of cup noodle. Because, add soup after drain the hot water.

Taste is real Sukiyaki. There are some beefs leeks and eggs something into noodle. I miss raw egg…

Creamy tomato risotto


When this cap rice was made 30 years ago, it was said that causes food poisoning easily. So, nobody could not make cup rice. Now that the technology has improved, Japanese dream who loved rice comes true finally😊

Pour hot water and steam for 5 minutes. I left it for 10 minutes, but it was better only 5min.

This is a real risotto without any dryness! amazing!

This is only 150 kcal, therefore I recommend you eating with salad or soup for snacks as a light meal.

You can eat it when you are a little hungry on diet!

There are  3 types of cup foods in Japan. I introduce them little by little. Because, I do not eat them everyday…😓

Bye now!

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