Common fishes that Japanese people like.

When I went to one of the Arab state, I found rarely fish in fish market. I tried to ask workers  “What’s name of this fish?” in Arabic language. He said, just “fish”. 

…Uh…I understand THIS IS FISH at a glance. This is NOT a rabbit, a pig or the other animal.
So, I asked them  ” Uh…What’s name of this fish?” in English, again.

He said “ is fish.
I got fish does not have name in this state…I heard 
later, fish is for poor that can not buy meat even. They seem Japanese are as miserable people for them.  Sushi is for poor, right?  Hahaha😀

Today, I introduce 6 kinds of fishes that these poor people usually eat again.



Sweet fish is Ayu in Japanese. It is a summer specialty. During June-August, grills it with salt and eat the whole.

I  huge🧡 Sweet fish. When I was a kid, my father took me to Sweetfish firm. They are so delicious that I ate 10 them,too much!

The river fishes like Sweetfish lives in clear water river only. They are very cautious, fishing is very difficult.

Therefore, almost all they are cultivated usually.



Capelins is Shishamo in Japanese, are a very familiar fish to Japanese people.

When I was a kid, I used to eat them with mayonnaise and red chill pepper as a snack. This can also eat a whole.

In particular, a type of seed fish is popular in Japan.



Tuna is Maguro in Japanese, the ingredients for the Sushi in Japan. Japanese is often said we eat up every tuna fish around the wold…so,we can not think sushi without tuna.

In particular, the portion of fat, called Toro is amazing ! That must melt on your tongue especially marble white part…As I cannot talk about tuna on only 1 part, I talk about this fish on another page. FYI.



Mackerel is Saba in Japanese. We love mackerel as well as sardines, saury and horse mackerel. 

But take care! They have often parasites😣

So, in order to kill parasites, we often eat vinegar-pickled them called “Shime saba”. (“Shime” means to dip into vinegar)

Canned stewed into miso is also popular as a snack for SAKE.

Grills by salt and eat with rice and miso soup as Washoku is generally.

Sea bream


Sea bream is called “tai” In Japanese. The word of celebration is called “Medetai” in Japanese. “Medetai” and “tai” are rhymes, so this fish is auspicious fish! It is often served a congratulatory scene like a wedding. For this reason, Bream is one of the expensive fish in Japan.

On the other hand, this kanji characters (Chinese letter) consists of “fish” and “around”. So, this means that these fishes are around everywhere in China. In Spanish, sea bream means stupid…why?😑

We often eat them grilled or Sashimi.

The taste of  just white Fish. Not so bad, Not so good. In Japan,Tai in August is horrible.

Puffy fish, Blow fish


Puffer fish is called Fugu in Japanese,  has very strong toxin! If you eat them of liver a little bit, you must be die for a few min later…😣

The chef needs a license to cook for blowfish in Japan, so that we can eat them with confidence in the restaurant. Therefore, blowfish is very expensive and there are restaurants that specialize only blowfish dishes.

They are usually eaten in Sashimi, hot pot, or deep fried. 

There is an interesting menu “Hire SAKE” (Hire means fins), putting a few fins into warmed SAKE.
I don’t know whethere it is delicious or not,sorry…

In Hokuriku region, people eat ovaries of Fugu after fermented well unbelievably… I heard this way can eliminate the poison.
But I am not sure…😅

I do not have any courage to do the Fugu Russian Roulette.
When you go to Hokuriku region, please try to eat them!

Show me your courage!
Never go to heaven😨

This is the fish at 2nd part. I wish this is for your good information.

See you next😊

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