Fishes to love by Japanese people – the most foodies around the world.

Do you think Japanese people like tuna the most? Unfortunately, tuna is not the most beloved fish in Japan.


Today I introduce 6 kinds of fish that Japanese people often eat.



Which fish do you think the Japanese eat the most? 

The correct answer is Saury not tuna. Because, tuna is little expensive. Saury is Sanma in Japanese.

Saury is sold at supermarkets for US¢80-90 each. We often grilled and eat with soy sauce and grated daikon radish, called daikon oroshi.

The name of saury is written in kanji(this means Chinese letter. Japanese usually writes noun by Chinese letter) as “Autumn sword fish”. Therefore, autumn is the most delicious.

There is a famous festival of saury in Meguro city, Tokyo in autumn.



Although, Salmon is sold all year around also, I recommend you autumn salmon. That is called Akisake, is the most delicious, because they are fatter than the other seasons.

Of course,price is higher than usual, though. Salmon is Sake in Japanese, but this is not related to Nihonshu.

When I traveled in NYC or other big city, I often saw salmon rolls sushi. That is the most popular menu,right?  

To be honest, Japanese dose not eat such a like this. But, now is Ok at home only. In restaurant? Sushi chef must ask you “are you sure?” with Contemptuous smile. Though,salmon is suit avocados well.

aki sake

We usually eat it grill, scattered salt over with white rice and miso soup. Or put it as ingredients into onigiri.



“Shirasu” is a name of whitebait. We often eat them put on the top of grated daikon with soy sauce.


This has a transparent body before boiling. This is to hide the body from the big fish.

Horse Mackerel

Horse Mackerel

Horse mackerel is very familiar to Japanese people, called Aji.
We eat them with sashimi, sushi, sashimi, fried and grilled. 

aji tataki

Usually, we eat them with grated ginger and soy sauce not wasabi.

Because, ginger has deodorizing effects on very- fish-smell, and it also works to stimulate appetite by making the dish appear beautiful to the eye😊

aji fry

Bonito / Skip jack tuna


Japanese usually call bonito as Katsuo. But, this is not correct. Japanese even does not know difference from Bonito and Skip jack tuna correctly.

The bonito is processed into bonito flakes and used as a broth(Dashi) or accent in foods.

Otherwise, Skip jack tuna is eat by Sashimi slice after glliled them of surface with grated ginger, chopped leeks, glated daikon and Ponzu shoyu.

katsuo tataki

We call this recipe as “Tataki”, on the May is the best season for this “Tataki”.



Sardines is written in Kanji as “weak fish”, Iwashi.
It is said they die soon and going rotten after caught very soon.
So, we usually eat grill after dried like a horse mackerel or canned dipped in teriyaki sauce.

They are cheap and the impression is the poor. 

This is the fish part at first. I wish this is for your good information.

See you next😊

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