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3 unique Japanese cup foods

Japanese people always want to eat delicious food without a lot of effort.

In Japan, more than 100 new types of cup foods are released every year.

So, they are developed by foodies in Japan.

Cup food 1

Today,  I introduce Japanese unique cup foods!

Chilli Tomato


Do you think only soy sauce taste is all taste’s Japanese cup noodles ?

In fact, there are many kinds of flavour in Japan.

Tom yam kung,spicy chilli,curry,seafood and so on…but we are sorry that they are for only Japanese. 

My most favorite is this Chill Tomato cup noodle by Nisshin!


Chill is a little spicy,but not too hot. Tomato taste is suitable for not only pasta, but also Ramen or rice!

Although, this seems high-kcal and carb, Never they are.This has only approx. 350kcal.

So, Japanese women often eat this cup for lunch. This is a side of dieter and women forever.

What is left side photo? This is a secret of Japanese OMOTENASHI(hospitality). I introduce another movie later.

Peyong Fried Sauce Yakisoba


Although this name is  “Pe young” like  a Korean name, this is not Korean.(I love Korean foods,too!)

This is a king of junk food that has been loved by Japanese over 45 years! 

I don’t know why I sometimes wanna eat this cup fried noodle very much suddenly… there may be a mechanism or something in Japanese gene that turns on “the Peyoung Switch” every few months.
※only Japanese sorry…


This has 2 major differences from other cup noodles.

1. Put hot water and discard hot water in 5 minutes.
2. Put sauce at the end. NEVER FIRST!

If you put the sauce at first as always… amen😭 (In Japan, instead of cutting a cross, we put palms together in front of face and  chant Buddhist sutra “Namu…” )

Unfortunately, give up eating and confession your guilt.


This sauce is thick soy sauce and dry cabbage inside. Another point is the dried seaweed powder also. We love seaweed very much!

Take care before dating! Do not leave seaweed stuck on teeth!

Your cute face must be ruined😣

Beef Curry Meshi

curry meshi

Nisshin advertises that this curry meshi is actually more high quality and delicious than cup noodles!
The quality is certainly the-real-Nisshin.

“Meshi” means rice.
So, this is beef curry rice.

curry meshi inner
curry meshi hotwater

The secret of this amazing taste is that it contains a whole chunk of large curry powder!

First, pour a little hot water and stir to melt the curry.
Then,put hot water and wait for 5 min. I special recommend you to stir +5 min more. Because, curry chunk melt more.

I put too much hot water… it became curry risotto instead of curry rice…😫

curryrice beef

But, this is delicious enough!😍😍

Indians-the curry country people- must be also surprised!(This is contains beef,though)

There are many kinds of instant cup foods in Japan.

We introduce another type of instant foods next time,too!

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